I found the wifi, but for some reason can’t post pictures. Bummer. Sorry Bean. Anyway…

Piet spoke today on not being afraid of evaluation, cultivating an environment of love & unity within the church team BEFORE doing any evaluating… The text was Revelation 1 & 2, hearing what the ‘Spirit is saying to the churches.’ It was an interesting take on how Jesus speaks to the churches, pointing out the things they’re doing well, & also the areas of sin/hindrance that need to be addressed, changed, repented from, things that are unhealthy.

Then, this afternoon, we got into small groups & used some of the tools that Piet gave in order to take a look at the church specifically – I really think that Holy Spirit-led evaluation is one of the best things that a church can do… esp. when its tied to measurable effectiveness… I’m really glad to have sat in the sessions today, as the info was incredibly practical & applicable across cultural/national barriers – reminded me a bit of the Christian Schwartz (a German) material – Called NCD – Natural Church Development – which measures 8 characteristics of healthy churches. Cool beans.

The German pastors got into their ‘regional groups’ for discussions & I came out to think & to blog – all this talk about church has got Hillside on my mind… part of it is thinking how I would evaluate myself… our church life & communications – how well people know the Main Thing, & if they even know what I think the Main Thing is. And what Hillside’s Main Things are, & how we try to define a “WIN” – how we know when we’re hitting the mark. Its an area I want to grow in, not just to be able to mark a box on an evaluation form, but for life’s sake -knowing, living & walking together as a church family – & by knowing, celebrating the freedom of living for Jesus in such a way that we can see more people come to know Jesus, His salvation, healing, & equipping. Hmmm…

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  1. I've been contemplating many of the same things. I've also had the opportunity to talk to some people about this in the past day. Should be fun when you get back. I'll probably be sitting in the front office with coffee & na na waiting for the conversations.

  2. I’m impressed about the 50% understanding of the German speech. I would think jokes/movies/songs would be the hardest to understand in another language.

  3. i remember my brother trying to explain some of the subtleties of the english language to some japanese students in regards to some of the dialogue in the godfather. it was hilarious. i wish i could remember some of the specifics, but this was around 8th grade or so for me.

  4. murdoc & mr h – yes. Yes. Yes.

    erica- me too. And then I go & miss 75% of something because I'm tired, distracted or… takes all my concentration. But it gives me hope.

    diga- & then theres the colloquialisms, the stuff that even when you 'get it' you don't get it. At least its a Western Nation, so we have that. And soccer. In Japan, that would be tough. Miss breakfast with you friend. Bullys?

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