My brother, Johnny, was something of an artist – & the thing that we all wanted him to draw for us was his “Mickey Mouse” – just Mickey’s head. He’d sign the bottom of the picture with a flourish… we had tons of them.

Maybe it was because Disneyland is/was such a happy memory for all of us – one of our favorite places on earth to go together & spend time & build shared memories. Perhaps it was the Mickey Mouse pancakes that we ate at the River Belle Terrace… (which, by the way, my dad could make better & more of, for cheaper… :)

When Johnny got sick, drawing Mickey was a miniature vacation, I think, for him & for us. Throughout the illness & treatment, Mickey (along with baseball cards,) remained a way to escape the reality of what was going on, if just for a few minutes.

Here I am 18 years after his death, missing him. I regret that my 3 kids never got to know my brother personally… I am intentionally & purposefully trying to help them get to know Johnny & what he was like through stories, pictures, & the little things he liked & disliked.

And one of the things he liked, was Mickey. And when Mickey Mouse is around, it doesn’t seem like my brother is so far away, & it gives me hope for the time when we’ll be reunited.

Last Saturday, I got a Mickey tattoo on my left shoulder blade – because it reminds me of my brother, John Leavy Locke.

9 thoughts on “Mickey

  1. Now was it so hard to get a tattoo that didn’t make you look like a racist (you do have a burning cross, right?)?

    It’s also nice to see part of you naked.

    I remember spendning the night one time and on Saturday Morning, Johnny was trying to explain to your mom how smart Ric (WHOOOOOO!) Flair was.

  2. johnny was my friend. i remember vividly the time i’d spend the night and he and i would run around like crazy men/boys.

    thanks for sharing this. i love the tatt. it means something to me as well. i miss him.

  3. Louie D – You are my friend. A real friend. For me, this means I can’t hear you talk about Johnny without feeling your pain. I have cried a lot of tears over a person I haven’t even met yet. I’m sorry for your pain…I know you still feel it. I’m sorry for your loss…he can’t be replaced. This is a very cool and meaningful memorial to him. I bet you made him smile.

  4. Ope- no flaming cross for me. :) Talked about one though, but that's it. And I appreciate you appreciating my shoulder blade.

    Jason – thank you for the memories – I appreciate hearing from those that knew Johnny, & the things that they recall about him.

    Everybody – gracias por todo…

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