Day 2

TheBean & I got up about 8 local time, meaning that we’re probably one day away from being acclimated to the time difference on EST… Found that the campus has a gym (parque’ floor, ala the old Boston Garden) with glass backboards, & an atmosphere like Hickory High‘s gym… I checked in & found that it is ok to shoot there, so I’ll be headed up this afternoon before the ‘city league’ games start.

Then I found the weight room with treadmill… ahhh… no sedentary 10 days for me.

Our appointment with Chuck was at 11:15, so we made our way up to his office & waited for the previous appointments to leave. When our time came, we ended up just sitting down for 30 seconds or so, before Chuck decided he was hungry & then, so were we. We decided to hit Ruby Tuesday’s for lunch – & found that it sure has changed since we last went there. But I digress.

Most of the meal & for about an hour after we were done, we talked about what we hope to accomplish while we’re here in Christiansburg, the reason that we made the trek across the country. We want to see a new way of relating to each other emerge, take shape. In the areas of being husband/wife, friends, partners in ministry, & in leading Hillside. And, we talked quite a bit about how we believe the last year to 18 months has gone… leading up to & since the Sabbath break. A good time was had by all. :)

Tomorrow at 9 a.m., I’m going in solo; & I’m greatly looking forward to it.

We’re hoping to head into Blacksburg to go to the Hokie Spoke a student store for VTU, where one can pick up all kinds of football & other paraphenalia… legal paraphenalia that is. Then later, we’re off to see either the Salem Avalanche or the Pulaski Mariners – as I found out that there is YET ANOTHER place to catch Minor League Baseball within about 20 minutes. Joy! We’re going to talk about it a bit, then head out for the afternoon.


4 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Ah, yes, Ruby Tuesday’s has changed since you were there? Does it, perhaps, change with every new day? Still I’m going to miss you.

    I would so play city league games on a parquet floor. And I’m sure you can find the student store for illegal paraphernalia if you just asked around – be resourceful for a change.

    And notice how I’ve matured. I no longer feel the need to simply correct spelling, I work in the correct spelling for misplaced words into my comments to be more supportive. What would old Chuck think of that?

  2. Teeemmm – I've got a baaaad feeling about this…

    Thanks Brint. I intentionally ignored my spell check & place the word there for you. Thank you for not slacking on the job.

    Chuck would think you were funny. Like funny, "Ha ha" not funny, "Weird."

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