Easter musings, & a few other things…

Something changed in the way I think about Easter – I noticed it in my preparations for the speeching… Can’t quite put a finger on what the change was exactly, but I can describe the absence of something… no angst caused by approaching a familiar topic – at various times coming up on past Easters, I’ve had a tension in my gut, a feeling that I needed to have a good speech for the day, or a gooder speech than I would normally bring (it sounds silly when I read those last sentences to myself, but they’re staying in.) This time, not so much – it was a very simple preparation time – born out of some Bible reading at a time when I wasn’t even “ON” (translation – phishing or studying for speeching material…)

Spent the afternoon with dear friends – great pizza, wings, & french dips – chocolate fondue, & a great Bordeaux. A fitting way to celebrate the Risen Christ.

On that note, I had the most amazing realization – I am a musical kind of guy – goodness. Who’d a thunk it? Looking back, I should have known – My Fair Lady, the Sound of Music, & even Doctor Dolittle (Rex Harrison Version please) etc…

Had an answer to prayer this week, specifically on the issue of pain I blogged about before… And I can see the glimmer of hope -not because the situation has changed, but probably because of my perspective. Approaching life with pessimism & realism can be such downers, esp. when it’s HOPE that is needed to carry the day. I’ll be revisiting that idea – that I need a HOPE infusion as a part of my Jesus life is a surety.

I wish to be more proficient on the guitar – that I would be able to play with my fingers what I hear in my head.

Last week, while in conversation with a friend, I heard him speak almost apologetically (ok, no almost about it, he was seriously qualifying…) about some nice things that he had. It wasn’t like he got them from any illegal or illicit activity – he was blessed – he bought a nice car – & a nice home. Had some disposable income. And felt like when talking to me (& others) that he needed to give a disclaimer as though a Christ-follower shouldn’t have nice stuff. He’s definitely not the guy that is trying to get people to sow their “RESURRECTION SEED into his MIHN-uss-tree” – not a charlatan – but it was still there. I’ll have to ponder that.

5 thoughts on “Easter musings, & a few other things…

  1. a. i could tell your speech wasn’t as good as past easters.

    b. is there any holiday you don’t celebrate with wings?

    c. you should do some kind of psa’s for musicals. a good tagline is needed. “musicals, not just for queers” could be a winner.

    d. i, too, suffer from a severe case of reality. the reality of my current financial situation is not good and i find it difficult to be very hopeful.

    e. me too.

    f. we are trained as a society to feel guilty about what we have, especially if we are unwilling to share with those less fortunate – especially if the less fortunate are just lazy. it’s a weird dichotomy that our society is all at once propelled by advertisers and a win at all cost mentality on one hand and fuled by guilt over what we have because some people have less . . . can i have $1,000?

  2. What’s the bible say about rich people:

    “It’s easier for a rich man to pass through the digestive system of a sick old woman than to” … wait … I might have that one wrong.

  3. I love blogging when I’m out of town as a way of keeping in touch. Unfortunately Internet access is spotty. Right now I’m taking advantage of James & Dezra’s connection. Nothing to do with your post, just wanting to say I miss you too!

  4. Good info. Glad your perspective is better. I have to go now as I can’t stop giggling over your list of musicals. I am a proud supporter.

  5. I would never have guessed that you would be into musicals… Hmmm… Perhaps someone should have a musicals and wings day… That would be entertaining.

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