11 thoughts on “Whoever controls the dissemination of information is the boss

  1. I saw something about this yesterday…kinda freaky to have suspicions about what is going on in our government, but to actually see it all playing out in front of us is even freakier.

  2. Darn. I was kind of hoping that McCain, if elected, would go into some crazy flashbacks while in office.

  3. Are you implying that some politicians may not always tell the truth? Scandalous!!

    Erin’s comment reminded me of The Manchurian Candidate . .. anyone read/watch it?

  4. I’ve seen it. My cousin’s husband was in the remake. He was one of those foolios in the beginning, playing cards.

  5. Hey, the flashbacks are still possible… People can lie about things so much and for so long that they begin to believe they’re true. So McCain could definitely have CRAZY flashbacks…

  6. So because it’s been written, and on the internet no less, it’s a fact, huh?

  7. Laura – yes. we’ve been propagandized that we’re the good guys… it’s interesting to see what the history books of other countries say about the good old US of A & our nefarious activities…

    Destro- yes. with so many authors, able to write whatever they want, you know it HAS to be true.

    Erin & TPT- no thanks on the flashbacks… or Manchurian Candidate type program triggering…

    Jeni – one reason I avoid politics is that lies are par for the course – the native language, if you get my drift…

    Dabey- yes. yes it is. How’s that for Journalistic Integrity? Do we believe in that?

  8. i have a hard time believing that the vietnamese couldn’t come up with a better “code name” than songbird mccain. that smacks of exaggeration to one such as myself.

    or maybe it just loses something in translation. anyhow, i’ve heard all kinds of reports of a 4 star hotel room and hookers being provided to mccain during his stay in vietnam, after which he’d claim to have been in solitary confinement, etc. it’s possible it’s all made up, opie, but i don’t think anyone with the fortitude and character to withstand torture has what it takes to have a successful political career.

  9. By the way, Alex Jones is the same guy who just interviewed Willie effing Nelson to talk about 9/11 conspiracy theories. Great source.

    Willie thinks the buildings were imploded because they crumbled in the same manner as buildings that were imploded in Las Vegas.

  10. you’re right, that is ridiculous. anyone who pays attention knows that only the pentagon damage was caused by a bomb. the planes did hit the world trade center. maybe the explosives they had there for the back up plan did go off, but it was an accident.

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