NOTE: This is not a rant addressing the Constitutionality or lack thereof of the IRS, &/or any federal/state taxing entity. That’s a topic for the politicians to rant about in this wonderful election year that we’re only 9 months away from being done with. Barring another Florida. But I digress…

Every year, as soon as January 1 rolls around, the 1st thing I want to accomplish is to finish my taxes for the now dead & gone year. Granted, 1/1 is rather early to start on a return, so I usually aim to make myself wait until at least 1/15 before I start the deed in earnest. I don’t like taxes, so I want to get them done as soon as possible.

Another thing – because my job is what it is, there are myriad special tax-laws, forms, & ways of calculating the #’s that apply only to me… it’s led to me being semi-well informed on taxes, tax-law, self-employment taxes, housing allowances, & other things tax… so I do them myself.

There’s usually some institution (mortgage company, school, etc) that neglects to send me my info in a timely fashion – timely meaning sending it to me when I want it. It has nothing to do with meeting their 1/31 deadline to have the info out. Timely is my timely.

So, it brings me great joy to know that all of the documents I now need for my taxes to be done correctly, legally, etc can be accessed online.

And my taxes are done.

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  1. We went yesterday to get our taxes done at H&R Block where disfunction was flowing like the wines of Capistrano. The Man pointed out comedy like that could not be written. Because mockery is our favorite passtime, we were thrilled to be there. BUT, we were happy to leave as you really can have too much of a good thing. After three hours (WHAT!??) they said we can’t file until the 11th because of blah blah blah blah I just want to know when I am getting my money anyway. SO, because of our mass producing child factory, we will get a tax return able to pay the mortgage. Thank you Jesus.

  2. shontell, you really should use more positive self talk. you are way more than a mass producing child factory. way more.

    my taxes were done as of monday. it was great, until i saw my return was way less this year. oh well, not much i can do besides leave off a couple of w-2’s from my wife.

    at least the government is putting my tax dollars to fantastic use. on the good side, i may consider the idea of prison over funding clinton/obama’s universal health care — and all you taxpaying suckers can start supporting me!

  3. I did my taxes last Wednesday. I was quite annoyed because usually I already have my money by then. But my new job is not nearly as prompt about the w-2’s as my old one was.

  4. I am so jealous of you punctual people. I used to live in early tax return bliss until I married mr. procrastination. I won’t even tell you how long it takes to get our taxes done.
    Scoey- maybe we could hire you as a consultant: self employment tax advisor/ motivator.

  5. Congrats . . . yeah, we just finished ours too like the rest of you anal retentives . . . it is a good feeling to get them done . . .

  6. I have everything done minus one important part. The child tax credit & whatever else goes along with that. The people who issue birth certificates & social security #’s are 6-8 weeks behind. That means my daughter has no social & that means I have no tax credit. I love gubbernment workers. No deadlines, no pressure, no heart, no soul, no lives, & no DVR.

  7. are you sure baby todd was with you long enough for a child tax credit?

    you can ask lou, but i think the kid has to be with you more than 6 months to claim.

  8. It’s a bit of a side note, but Hungarians pay some of the highest taxes in Europe….I haven’t filed my taxes yet. I guess I’m definitely not on that bandwagon yet. But Shontell is cracking me up!!

  9. Praise be to Turbotax.

    Murdoc, are SS# for MJ was 6 months behind,yet friends having babys after us had much better luck. Maybe you should put out a prayer request because seriously it could take an act of God.

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