My template is on the move… away from the coffee theme… I liked the coffee cup… but its html was ragged, & left quite a bit to be desired. In searching, I thought this one was worth a test drive, & that the flames match the shirt I got from Earl W. Nash for my berf-day. Not that I think I’m all hard-core or anything like that.

Feeling a bit more introspective than usual – might be because its a day off, & that gives my brain the opportunity to bounce things around without being obscured by The Task at Hand.

Hmmm. And double sigh.

9 thoughts on “template-ing

  1. hmm… the first thought that popped into my head was… “that looks hellish”. But I think it was because I was just reading a blog discussing hell. The flames are very cool though.

  2. I agree with Laura. Erin’s post about hell made the timing of this particular theme ironic.

    But I really do like it. And I like that it was U2 that was playing when I arrived rather than a bad 80’s song. :) He he he…

  3. Definitely not aiming for a hellish tone to the display – more of a “I am a firebug” tone.

    Re: Jeni & Mr. H’s poor taste in music, shown in their negative comments regarding the music on repped on this blog… Your punishment awaits… most likely in the form of whatever tripe is hot right now. May your iPod be stuck on something by T-Pain, et al. Over & over & over, with an occasional dance number by a 90’s boy band mixed in.

  4. My iPod will be stuck on country, Broadway musicals, and Christian alternative. It’s a great defense mechanism, as nobody would ever want to steal my iPod based on my music selections. No normal human being would combine those selections. He he he.

    P.S. I do have to say that I would take 80’s over boy bands any day. And that is the best thing I can say about 80’s music…

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