Friday fodder (on the other side of moving…)

I’m waiting for the DirecTV guy… impatiently…

  • What is it that makes a person hold onto their ‘stuff’ when its obvious that they’re never going to even take the stuff out of the box its in, let alone use it? I have boxes in the garage that have been in every garage I’ve had since I got married. If they’re not empty by November 30, they will be thrown away, no questions asked, no looking inside. Write it down.
  • We had a lot of people give us boxes for our move, boxes that they’d used for their own moves – on one hand, it was nice not to have to find our own boxes, but on the other hand, it was pretty confusing to try & figure out just what was in each box because there were 3 different identifiers written on them… but, as my great-grandmother would say, “Beggars can’t be choosers…”
  • We’re approximately 53% unpacked & organized. Points of great need: closets; window coverings; hangage of posters & pictures.
  • Our 1st College Group of the semester is happening Sunday, 9/16 – we’re celebrating our “comeback” with a great dinner & communion. I can’t wait.
  • It’s amazing how wonderful & smart I am when people like what I say/do; it’s equally amazing how the same people can think I’m a flipping moron when I say/do something that they don’t agree with.
  • Fantasy football is better played with friends. And a smak board.
  • My new toilet flushes very, very well. Bring it.
  • I don’t think we really understand the significance of the cross.
  • A perfect day involves a comfy chair, an endless supply of great coffee, & a book. Gives me goosebumps thinking about it.
  • Blogging is often pointless, yet it’s a beautiful thing. Some people talk to themselves; others blog. I do both. :)
  • I’m still having Germany-team withdrawals – one can really get used to the community aspect of seeing people every day for huge chunks of the day…
  • On that note, good friends are priceless. I love the people I work with, & am fortunate to have them as friends.
  • 5 thoughts on “Friday fodder (on the other side of moving…)

    1. “So I’m the tardy one?”

      “Yeah, I was gonna go to that bed and bath place, and now it’s closed.”

      “Maybe I shouldn’t have come at all, jerkoff!”

      At leas once a month, me and Ryan Russell used to hang out from about noon until 10 at night just because; no specific activites tooks place. Just hanging out with each other. We were talking about how people grow up and don’t just hang out at eachother’s houses anymore, but they should.

    2. I think I blog for the same reason I LOVE Seinfeld. The nothingness of it all makes it great. I feel my inner brain tends to be a bit random; this place is the perfect place to let it out. Sometimes, I even feel understood. But sometimes I get insecure when I write something great, and no one comments. Then I remember, they are all in Germany, so I wait patiently.

    3. I also miss the community part of Germany. I miss hanging out with everyone (especially my wife) for most of the day. Good stuff.

    4. i think people hold onto their stuff because they have attachment issues, perhaps? the best part of moving is that it forces you to look at your boxed stuff. i loved that part of moving from LA back to Reno before moving to Budapest. ahhhh, the shedding of stuff…love it.

    5. If you ever have to use recycled boxes again, a good solution may be to use sheets of NEON colored paper taped on. Then it’s pretty obvious which label is yours! :) (I may or may not have done this before…)

      As far as blogging–I don’t think it’s that pointless. Many people are willing to put things in writing that they would never tell someone in person for any number of reasons. It helps us to know each other in ways we never would have known each other otherwise.

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