This week marks the departure of several people from our church family – & I wanted to say a “thank you” to them – for being in my life…

  • David & Kendra – moving to Lawrence, KS, so that Kendra can go to KU Law… friend: you are dear to me, & I miss you already. Esp. the talks that happen sitting in the office, hoping that no one takes your keys. A cherished memory is your wedding in my living room, serenaded by the Pasty Gangsta on the trumpet… who’d a thunk that “We Will Rock You” could be so moving… My solace is in the fact that every time you’ve left before, you’ve returned. I’m banking on that this time as well. So long. I’m singing Bon Jovi’s “Never Say Goodbye” the next time I karaoke. Which will be the 1st time I karaoke.
  • Dave, Sarah, & Mikayla, & ? – moving to the SLC in pursuit of a fire job… I’ve known Dave since he was prenatal, & have greatly loved to have Sarah & Mikayla around as well. Today, I visited Mikayla @ Little Lites, & she greeted me with her typical, sweetly shouted “SIR!” For which I rewarded her, as usual, with a peanut M&M. You truly are a real princess, even better than the Disney princesses. You’ll be missed.
  • Ry-Dwy – off to Rose-town to move back in with the Dwy-fam. & to pursue an internship. Many blessings to you – you’re a good man. Keep in touch. Watch out for Lina. She’s a crafty one.
  • 3 thoughts on “Goodbye…

    1. Goodbye from me, too. Let’s keep in touch. I pray blessings over you.

      Joy to you,

    2. Lots of prayers. From a family that God moved from a seemingly strong atmosphere, God will give you lots and lots of blessings because you took the baby steps to go. God Bless. We ALL will miss you guys.

    3. I just wanted to one-up Louie’s one-month cancellation and take a few years off from Hillside.

      All prayers are certainly appreciated.

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