Yet another reason that justifies the belief that babies are jerks…

David, recently relocated to Lawrence, a place where they have “real” college campii, (as opposed to the tripe that Nevada has to offer,) often comments that he believes babies are jerks… perhaps its because they’re so cute that they can get away with all kinds of devious behavior , & are never suspected for it, because, hey, they’re babies. It’s not like they’re doing this stuff on purpose. Or are they?

This article says differently:
“Following studies of more than 50 children and interviews with parents, Dr Vasudevi Reddy, of the University of Portsmouth’s psychology department, says she has identified seven categories of deception used between six months and three-years-old.

Infants quickly learnt that using tactics such as fake crying and pretend laughing could win them attention. By eight months, more difficult deceptions became apparent, such as concealing forbidden activities or trying to distract parents’ attention.

By the age of two, toddlers could use far more devious techniques, such as bluffing when threatened with a punishment.”
READ Lying Babies article HERE

3 thoughts on “Yet another reason that justifies the belief that babies are jerks…

  1. wow, we need studies for everything, don’t we?

    of course babies are filthy liars. i stress filthy.

  2. I detest their feces laden fingers . . . and insidious Machiavellian ways . . .

  3. I said that babies are fags. I hope that they don’t try to verify that.

    To quote someone else (Patton Oswalt), Babies are fat little bald people with sacks of their own poop and pee attached to their torsos.

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