We’re Moving Out…

No, I’m not just quoting Billy Joel lyric… we’re moving out of our house. Kind of.

What we’re actually doing is taking a few days this week to pack up & move the downstairs, kitchen, & hopefully my room – to a storage unit the Brother has rented. Then, the hope is to take his stuff & put it in the downstairs, kitchen, & my soon-to-be-former room, so that the new home owners can begin the process of making this house their home.

Where do we go from here? What are we doing next? Where shall we be staying in the interim?

Stay tuned… hopefully we’ll get to that before the end of the week. Wish me joy.

3 thoughts on “We’re Moving Out…

  1. May your joy overflow like a toilet bowl that’s taken just about as much poo as it can handle . . .

  2. I wish you joy in the form of the perfect new flip-flops. And I wish you joy for the home and family, too. Silly me, putting the flip-flops first… :)

  3. so you want his joy to be crappy and urine soaked? you are not very nice, my friend.

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