Dead link & other musings…

No sooner do I get an AWESOME Star Wars poster/pic, a virtual ode to Brint, than it disappears. I was indignant. Couldn’t believe it. I was legitimately borrowing this link, & the owner of the link killed it.

So, I found it again. And reposted it. Who’s your daddy?
Other thoughts on an early Tuesday…

  • The Bean & the Daro (12 year old son) are on an extended, 3 day field trip to SF. Bummer. And, they’re freezing. I miss them. I really miss the Bean.
  • The NBA playoffs are almost interesting watching the Suns/Spurs go at it. Go Suns.
  • The Master Cleanse is coming… Anyone done this before?
  • I found out that there is a musical instrument called a Euphonium – how cool.
  • I will be sitting in meetings all day tomorrow. Ugh.
  • Brother’s dog (Carter) is in heat, meaning Brother’s other dog (Higgins) is chasing it around, 24/7. Higgins is tired.
  • Found a book on my desk after Sunday’s speech called, The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman. Anyone know anything about this book? Anyone give it to me?
  • It is too hot to wear shoes, & my flip flops are uselessly thin. How does one go about purchasing new ones?
  • I’m off to Wild Oats to buy organic lemons, Grade B Maple Syrup, Cayenne Pepper, & Sea Salt. I think I’m going to make a smoothie.


  • 8 thoughts on “Dead link & other musings…

    1. at least your picture didn’t inexplicably turn into porn for somebody with a “big girl” fetish as one of mine recently did.

      you are such a baseball fan. it is funny to me listen to anyone who will watch overweight guys in ridiculously tight uni’s scratch themselves and spit for 3 hours for a mere 4.2 minutes of action talk about how uninteresting any other sport is. and go spurs. cheap shot bob is my new hero. 2 game suspension my ear.

    2. in order to get new flip-flops, here is my advice:
      1. Put on uselessly thin flip-flops
      2. Walk out to car.
      3. Drive car to store of choice (Preferably not Walmart, but if you must…)
      4. Walk from car to entrance of store of choice.
      5. Upon entering store, stop the first underpaid employee you can find and ask them to show you where the men’s flip-flops are.
      6. Select flip-flops
      7. Walk to front of store with flip-flops and find nearest checkstand.
      8. Pay for flip-flops.

    3. The Thomas Friedman I know of is a Pulitzer Prize winning foreign affairs maven. He knows a lot about Israel. Brilliant guy.

      I been reading a bit of Kierkegaard’s “The Sickness Unto Death.” Pretty interesting stuff. It’s all about how people will be in despair unless they align themselves with God. That’s my trite explanation.

      Why didn’t I get to read this in college?

    4. Hi, I’m a friend of tpluckyt (Tim), from Idaho, not a comment spammer.

      The World Is Flat by Thomas Friedman is a book about world economics. The part I read was quite interesting. Seeing it here reminds me to check it out from the library again so I can finish it up.

      Before checking out the Master Cleanse link, I was thinking your smoothie ingredients list looked like a recipe for a spa detoxification treatment or a soaking bath. Don’t think I’d want to consume it though.

      I like your blog. :) Very interesting.

    5. B- I am a baseball fan; that doesn’t mean that I can’t see the blemishes on the game as well. Oh, and go Barry.

      Jeni- You vastly underestimate the difficulty of the picking out of new flip-flops. The reason that this hasn’t been done for so long is that there is a comfort to the broken down flipper, as well as a familiarity. Not going to buy new ones means I don’t have to say goodbye, but also that I won’t be disappointed by the fact that I won’t find a pair of flip-flops exactly like these babies. But thanks for the instructions. Some people can actually follow them…

      OP-Yes, I know of the book – like it so far. Just wondering where it came from. How it made its way to my desk. Who gave it to me. Once I established that there wasn’t a bomb attached to it, or hidden inside, I was mostly ok with opening it. I know what you mean about reading in college… seems most of it had to do with fulfilling some reading list for some Educated person. I missed out on a lot of good stuff.

      CNG – thanks for the info. I’ve heard about you from TPT… and BTW, I think that that is probably the allure of the spa experience. You get pampered, & you can eat the stuff they put on you. How cool is that?

    6. Sorry… I know what you mean about the difficulty in picking out the new flip-flops and I am fully aware that females are more fickle with shoes. I mean, if I don’t like one pair, I can always find another, right? Maybe next time you find a pair that you really like, you should buy two or three pairs because then you won’t have to worry about picking out a new pair–you’ll have a new pair of the old flip-flops just waiting to shape to you foot just like the old ones! :)

    7. Buy multiple pairs of your favorite flip-flops (like Jeni said) and rotate them. I never did get used to the part that goes between the toes.

    8. Jeni – thanks for the sympathy & understanding of my plight.
      JB – The problem is, I did that, but didn’t get another few pairs until it was too late – they were gone, no longer to be seen.

      Some say flips-flops are flip-flops, but I know differently. Or, precisely, my feet do.

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