I’ve got a stack of books awaiting my attention – last count I had 12 ‘must-reads’ on the shelf behind my desk… this is officially the ‘waiting room’ for my books/next reads.

I’m 2/3 of the way through THEY LIKE JESUS by Dan Kimball – I believe that this book should be required reading for any/all people that are a) Christ-followers & b) have a desire to live in such a way as to reflect Christ to the people that they come in contact with.

Actualy, when they make me King, Emperor, Dominar, or Guy in Charge of Assigning Reading, I would give this book to every pastor (vocational or otherwise) in any & every Christian church – with a mandatory “Response Paper” to be written afterwards. The paper should be 3-5 pages, & would:

-Address Kimball’s thesis: People like Jesus, but they don’t like the church – Why does Kimball say this? What are your observations of pre-Christians? What are your responses to these observations (his & yours)?

-Describe your “philosophy of ministry” – briefly explain the “WHY’s” (reasoning, values, beliefs) behind the “WHAT’s” (actions, behaviors, personal schedules, programs) of the ministry you are involved in.

-What does it mean to be missional? Describe the WHY’s & the WHAT’s of you being missional.

Then, we’d all get together in small groups (5-8 people) & discuss what we wrote & why… with the intent being on taking action towards leading a community in living out Jesus.

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8 thoughts on “reading…

  1. I prefer the title Literary Dominatrix.

    (Side note – don’t use Google to spell check the word dominatrix . . . trust me . . .)

  2. ok, so how do you get google to spell check a word . . . you just leave it hanging out there.

    i’m currently reading velvet elvis after hearing how good it is. i’m irritated by the formatting of the book, but i mostly think it is an important read. you have to let me borrow this book, though. it sounds like the kind of book i would want to write if you had asked me before i already knew there was one. an i’ll go out on a limb and say kimball is a much better author than i.

  3. Yes, I’m sure Brent. It’s like the battle of the “sexes.” When I spell it a certain way, it’s right. If you disagree with me, I’ll make you read three books instead of two.

  4. Diga – I’ve noticed when I use Google and spell the word wrong, Google asks “do you mean . . . .” I just got in the strange habit of doing that instead of using an on-line dictionary . . . just another part of the mystery that is me . . .

    Georgia – I was just trying to get in touch with my feminine side.

  5. i will have to add this one to my list to put on my new rating books system. such a dork i am. now are you all going to talk about what the word dork means??

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