A Quirk

One of my favorite smells in the whole world is bleach. No particular brand, though is there any brand but Clorox? (CG- I know there is, but I needed to ask the question so you would post a URL to a pic of another brand of bleach…)

I associate it with clean. With fresh. With contentment. The other day, I got some coffee (espresso actually) on the sleeve of my white Gonzaga U. sweatshirt – the one I bought when my brother got accepted to Gonzaga’s law school, the one I bought to feel closer to him, though he was moving 13 hours away by auto.. the XXL sized shirt, the one that I put on when I get home, the one that makes me feel comfortable, in an oversized hoodie type of a way. The brown spot on the cuff of the sleeve of my right arm of the sweatshirt bothered me… maybe because I could see it everytime I looked down. Reminded me that I can see my hands all the time. How do you get a brown espresso stain out of a white hoodie? With a Clorox (R) bleach pen – just write on the affected part, wash, & presto! It’s all good & clean.

It took 42 minutes for my washer to wash the hoodie. Thought that was funny, because the timer at the beginning said 40 minutes. It’s off by 2 minutes. Should that get looked at by a guy? Should that bother me? The dryer took about 18 minutes to dry the hoodie – it might have taken less time if I hadn’t kept opening the door of the dryer to check on the dryness of my favorite sweatshirt.

When it was dry, (really dry, not just mostly dry) I took it out & examined the cuff of the sleeve to see if the espresso stain had come out. It had. Boy howdy. In its place was a white, really white spot – I deduced that the bleach pen had taken the brown stain of the espresso drip & had removed it – in the process, whitening the spot where the pen touched. To Super White. Uber white.

I had thought my Gonzaga U. hoodie was white – now I see that it is truly “off-white” in color – & that the only really white spot is on the cuff of the right sleeve in the shape of a starburst

I see it all the time. And I like the white. Now, to get the rest of the hoodie white.

Don’t know why, but when you add it all up, it comes out as me.

3 thoughts on “A Quirk

  1. that’s exactly why i don’t use bleach. it puts holes in things at it makes really white spots that scream “here used to be a spot of something else before i used my bleach pen.” humbug on bleach.

  2. “Do unto others before they do unto you” or maybe “do unto others first” kinda thang . . .

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