Musings of a blogger

The pic is of baby Inka – the 2nd daughter of our hosts Martin & Sandra… providing eye-candy & a point of interest to distract you from the musings of a jet-lagged scoeyd…

Bloggers to the left of me. Bloggers to the right. In front. Behind. Stopping their blogging – temporarily. Or permanently. I understand why. Time. Priorities. Demands. Life. No inspiriation. No material.

Still, I want to keep going & push through. To consciously spend precious time on a computer recording thoughts, happenings, & epiphanies, mundane & fantastic. To push my brain to grow, my thoughts to go deeper, more detailed, & creative. Past the point where I’ve stopped before because it was too hard for me & something new or nothing was easier to give myself to.

I think it is a part of my life-mission to blog.

It sounds a little silly when I read the sentence back to myself, silently at first, but then out loud. Not that my life is defined by the act of blogging, but there is a sharpening of me, a growth that gets primed by the act of intentionally doing this. And for other reasons that I really don’t want to say right now.

So I will keep going.

6 thoughts on “Musings of a blogger

  1. I understand. Although I have slowed, I NEED to keep going. Stubborn? I dunno. But I must go post another blog. Good to hear from you.

  2. i for one am happy when you blog because you are not THE most vocal person i know and i like to hear what’s going on inside that brain. yeah for consistent bloggers!!!

  3. Yay for continuing to blog, come what may! I am with you! And on that note, I should probably make up something to post about.

  4. Writing is the creative expression of the soul, or something like that. I love it! Sometimes after I’ve written something I get more clarity than I had at the start and often God uses what I write to encourage me in a certain direction. So funny.

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