On the other side…

I’m sitting here at my table drinking coffee, pondering the week that was…

Surgery on Monday turned out great – the complete thickness tear discovered on the MRI was nowhere to be found once they got inside the shoulder w/the leetle camera & knife – just some fraying. No tear means my recovery time is cut down by 1/4, & is evidenced by the fact that I am typing with both of my hands right now – I stil am supposed to wear my sling, esp. in crowds (its more for the crowd than for me, I was told) but in the priv-acy of my domicile, I am free. At this rate, I may be playing guitar by the time I go to Deutschland.

Travelling post-surgery is as bad an idea as I have had lately. The bright side of a Tuesday trip to LA was that I got to pre-board with the others in wheelchairs & the harried parents with reckless ankle biters. Can’t say I didn’t feign a bit of angst (for Teeem) in order to look less pleased with myself getting to pick whatever seat I wanted on the Greyhound in the Sky airlines… Also, reconnecting with friends T & D was worth the price. Ate at the Cheesecake Factory (BBQ Burger & Wings, no cheesecake :(…) Reno NEEDS a Cheesecake Factory.

Spoke at the LPC Chapel Talked about Ephesians 2:10 – w/the main idea being that God loves us because we’re His children, not because of what I can do for Him. Beings as I’m one of His masterpeza’s. A main talking point was Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I am not a mass-production, I am a masterpiece, & am unique… the things I BE & DO will reflect that – as a person, & in all the roles I fulfill.

Nobody booed or shouted “Blasphemy”, tore their clothes & through dirt in the air. This is especially significant to note as there were 2 members of the Foursquare Doctrinal Committee present. Woo hoo.

Found out 3 minutes ago that Jerry Cook has colon cancer. (For more on J to the C, see SCOEY’S HEROES POST) Treatment is starting immediately. Prognosis is good. God is better.

Thanks for walking through life with me. I’m richer for it.

4 thoughts on “On the other side…

  1. And thank you for letting us know (via clever picture link) what a “sling” is . . .

    So, what did they do with the unused sackcloth and ashes?

  2. Den- no on the laser tag… but that would have been fun.

    tPt – there are a few types of slings out there & I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea. I believe that the blasphemy gear was returned to the LPC bookstore for the next lucky chapel speaker. I’ve got a couple of stories about when they got to use them. Remind me to share them. :)

  3. Some how this post made me remanisce. It was a day like any other and dh and I running late to catch our flight home as I was up all night with morning sickness mixed with the flu…very special. We notice an odor midway up the parking garage round-a-bout and quickly realize we will miss our flight if we stop to change Addison’s diaper before we check in. So we just continue to put her leg down when she raises it to share her essence with the rest of the Southwest patrons. When we finally pass through the security gates, to the nearest bathroom Addison has managed to wiggle her finger into a not so pleasant diaper and smudged herself a “chocolate” moustache. AAh. the joys of parenting.

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