Rolling in it…

Its been an interesting week.

Tuesday, 8/1 – I met for a prayer time w/D&G. Good stuff, came out of it – believing that some wrong attitudes about money (me having/getting it) were redirected. I also became aware of some curses that had been spoken against me & the church family – along the lines of:

“Your work here will be fruitless. You will have nothing, & do nothing of lasting value. There will never be enough resources & money.”

Got a really strong encouragement that the truth of the matter was that God wants to lavish (word chosen specifically & carefully,) His blessings & favor on me & on Hillside, using us as an example of His goodness & power. Sounds different than the “nothing” business, don’t it? So what to do?

Scoff at the curse. Reject it. 1Kings 18 Elijah-style scoffing. On Sunday, 8/6. So I/we did. & there was something broken & something made right.

What a week.

  • Pack-rat attitudes that the Bean & I have had (& fought) about, the pointless “holding on to stuff in the garage that we haven’t used for 17 years” are changing. Stuff is leaving DAILY. Its leaving (with a little help from Hatice, pronounced – Ha-TEACH-ah) a friend from TPLF in Frankfurt, the garage is almost empty. My garage.
  • Out of the blue, a drywall contractor contacted us through a friend & asked if he could finish the job that has been left undone since the WATER, WATER, EVERYWHERE fiasco of 7/30/2005. And, by the way, is it ok if it only costs 1/3 of the original estimate?
  • Hung out at a little fiesta last night @ the Bro’s house & got to see my ‘son’ Bert; he had lived with Joni & I for about a year right before the Weez was born. He & his wife are doing so well together, w/2.5 kids, & loving Jesus. Re-emphasized & reminded us to pursue our dream of influencing people in this way.
  • Our dream of having a house w/an extra room so we can have people live with us (community house/living?) is creeping closer. We went & looked at a house in the nearby neighborhood, with a realtor guy that I like – great possibilities.

    Feels like I’m rolling in it. Blessing, that is.

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    1. oh yeah and send Hatice our way could ya, we have a bunch of stuff that needs to be unloaded.

    2. Wow. Isn’t it amazing that the very lies the devil whispers in our ears or shouts from mountaintops happen to be the very point of truth God wants to open up and make so clear in Him. I’m learning to look at those lies more closely and consider the opposite, knowing my future will be found in the opposite of those lies spewed by the father of all lies.

    3. Oh, and by the way, as far as bearing fruit, you, Joni and the church have been a safe haven for me and a true blessing when I was home these last months. So thank you and know that you are bearing fruit in many, many ways.

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