when things don’t make sense…

Just thinking a bit…musing. Things don’t always make sense – individual circumstances and perspectives color ‘reality’. I have this picture hanging in my office & I look at it on a regular basis. I try & imagine myself walking the stairs, & think how I would react if the stairs I’d been walking up suddenly were found to be headed in the opposite direction. I imagine myself dealing with the torqued reality very well, rolling with the punches, seamlessly navigating the curveball thrown at me, completely beyond my control. However, beings as I’m a linear-type guy, mostly grounded in reality & the business of Facing Facts, I realize that I’d freak out if confronted with such a bizarre scenario.

Its only when viewing the whole picture that a general sense of rest comes to me – its not just my stairwell that is messed up, its everybodys stairwells. Relief. Wonder.

4 thoughts on “when things don’t make sense…

  1. just now reading the last few days of your blog….love Weezers thoughts. So wonderfully funny and great. Another interesting thing about this picture…theres always two sides to every story or in this case, stairwell….

  2. That’s good stuff…how do I act/react in situations of mass confusion? Do I ask for direction, or do I try it on my own until I’m so upside down I don’t know where I am? And then do finally ask for direction, or do I just stop and give up? Definitely good pondering material Lou!

  3. it is interesting to me how easily we all can get so off track in life about what is important and what is not. where we are going and where we should be going.
    that picture gives me a headache.
    maybe i need glasses.

  4. wow, a tad esoteric. it went way over my head until i read some of the comments. i love that picture, though.

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