Late night musings…

its 11:25 as I type this – no blog during school today, as I couldn’t bring myself to type anything whilst I was agonizing over the idea of Geologic Surface Structure. I’m studying for my final Final – the last test I’ll have to take before the University of Nevada says that I have successfully completed my course of study at their institution, resulting in a degree.

Someone asked me what happens or changes once I graduate. Good question – to me, its an accomplishment that I waited about 12 years for the opportunity to resume… I’m not going anywhere; no job change; not looking to continue higher ed at the U of N. Just… done.

I’m hoping for some good coffee tomorrow; not really looking past that, though I do know that I am down to my final 2 days of class, w/just 1 lab remaining… All fo this will be completed as of 10:10 a.m. on Thursday, 7/13.

One thought on “Late night musings…

  1. Yay! Hopefully I will remember to send you a celebratory Congrats on Thursday morning.

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