It’s July 4, so this must be ID4…

At my house, we mark special days & holidays with movies (or the appropriate TV series on DVD, like Stargate SG-1.) Christmas means “Elf”, New Years is a Football Marathon, Valentines Day is “You’ve Got Mail” or another miscellaneous chick flick, Groundhog Day is… “Groundhog Day”. And so on.

Today, being July 4th, America’s celebration of Independence from the oppressive King George & the Tories (great band name by the way,) is marked by the watching of Will Smith/Jeff Goldblum et al… in 1996’s “Independence Day”, known also as “ID4” by someone, somewhere.

I think my favorite part of the whole shabang is the week or so lead-in to the watching of the movie. Everyone in the family (esp. #3,4,&5) rehearse just what we’re going to be doing, & the past times that we’ve watched the flick. Good times.

Regular readers may be wondering what holiday is appropriately marked by watching Stargate SG-1? I’ll leave that to you to decide… Now, on to coffee & popcorn!

One thought on “It’s July 4, so this must be ID4…

  1. I was actually more curious about what you might watch on Boxing Day! :)

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