July 3

Interesting day today for Geology – the Laxalt Mineral Building is shut down – no lights, no a/c, all the support staff are off. Nobody here except dr. brimley & 14 (out of 32) students that somehow found their way to class. There are two students with their heads on the desks, sleeping. No drool. Yet.

But, we’re pressing on. We’re rockhounds, & we are not easily swayed from attending class by something as simple as a university recognized holiday weekend. Even the coffee cart girl from Poland, (Asha is her name) isn’t around today. I spent one of my breaks a couple weeks ago watching World Cup between Poland/Germany with her, a couple of students from Korea, 1 from Japan, 1 Croatian, & a double espresso w/room for coffee. We had some interesting discussions.

I would like extra credit please.

6 more classes. 3 more labs. 1 more test.