World Cup

Got to see something today that I’ve never seen before – while watching the Germany/Argentina quarterfinal game (won by the Germans on PK’s. Very nice.) Thousands of Germans waving their flag in celebration & pride. Not a big deal here in the USA, as we’re flag-wavers to the extreme. Germans have been taught (esp. post-WW2) to NEVER be nationalistic, let alone become flag-wavers. The result that I’ve observed 1st hand is that many Germans have a very pronounced national shame, where they almost apologize for being German.

Not today. Brought tears to my eyes. I love that country.

2 thoughts on “World Cup

  1. I never would’ve thought about that on my own. Thanks for that :) That is pretty awesome.

  2. you where watching the world cup? I didn’t think anoyone in this country watched that…weird

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