having an episode…

dr. brimley had an episode today – threw a hissy fit because one of the questions on our test review (which he created) was shown to be inaccurate according to how he’d asked the question by the information used in our $80 textbook. When this was pointed out by a student, he proceeded to berate the student, argued for about 10 minutes, then stomped out & said that he’d make up another question & not give any hints on it.

9 more classes left. 2 tests.

3 thoughts on “having an episode…

  1. You should ask him if he would like to be tickled. Verbatim, “Would you like to be tickled.”

    He might say no, but if he says yes? JACKPOT!!!

  2. That’s just not right . . . how can you expect to pass without hints?

  3. i like to be tickled.

    man, i don’t come by for a couple days and i see that you’re near breaking point with wilford.

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