Navigating a challenge to my man-ness

Today, just when I thought that my Geology class couldn’t possibly get more ‘fun’, I am confronted anew with my need for a more vivid imagination so that I can envision the horrors that I will endure. (Ope – I need some coaching on the imagining of potentially horrific school situations. Could you help me out with that?)

#1 – the Geology lecture classroom is 88 degrees Fahrenheit. And increasing. The classroom itself has been uncomfortably hot for the last week, but today takes the cake. Our room is laid out so that there is truly no front of the room. dr. brimley lectures from a side of the room, & all of the people in the class have to move their chairs &/or crick the neck in order to face the lecturer. In doing so, each class member has to take their notepad & put it in their lap (instead of on the desk in front of them) in order to take notes. These 3 factors (heat, crick o’the neck, & note-taking) beg the question:

HOW COME we do not just have the lecture section in the lab room.?

The lab room is empty all morning. The lab room is a cool 72 degrees. The lab room has a front of the room. The lab room has desks that face the front of the room. The lab room is ideal, not only for labs (which consist of listening to a 1 hour lecture, & then playing with errr… examining rocks or other geologic stuff,) but also for an endurable lecture experience.

The answer to my question: Because this is the lecture room. And the lab room is for the labs. Thank you, dr. brimley.

#2 – Today, we’re supposed to learn about maps. This is a challenge to my man-ness. Why? Silly question – because men don’t use maps. Just about any wife could tell you that it is against every man-code that exists. Men know this as well – we are required to to attempt navigation using any iron deposits that we have in our heads that, of course, reacts with the magnetic pole of the Earth.

Still, in order to pass the lab (which is a requirement for my grad-you-may-shun,) I will be forced to violate the man-code & gasp! attempt to read the maps.

I’m at the halfway point of the class – Only 10 more classes & 5 more labs.

3 thoughts on “Navigating a challenge to my man-ness

  1. Now is your chance to strike a blow for equality of the sexes, smashing to bits an old stereotype!

    Have you seen the little portable fans with the water bottles that you can carry with you to spray cooled mist on yourself? You could take one of those to class.

  2. In my case, I am the fulfiller of the stereotype – the man who is too “wise” for maps. I mean, who really needs to know EXACTLY where they are?

    Usually, I just navigate using Starbucks’ as my personal GPS. I find that I have enough caffeine in my system as to use this method very accurately.

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