Sedimentary, My Dear Watson

Today has been an exercise in the patient examination & discussion of sedimentary rocks. Cool stratification. Oh yes. My favorite kind of rock. It reminds me that I need to go to my happy place.

The word “sedimentary” reminds of the word “elementary” which has been oft-attributed to a favoriite fictional character of mine, Sherlock Holmes. I don’t recall that he said “elementary” very often, but I do know that any imitation of Basil Rathbone’s interpretation of Holmes is sure to use the phrase, “Elementary, my dear Watson,” just like any Cagney imitation will include the phrase “You dirty rat.” This is true, though Cagney never uttered that phrase in any movie he was in.

Sherlock Holmes takes me to a place where I can pass any amount of time required – I used to read the Illustrated Omnibus of Sherlock Holmes, containing about 20 of his most famous mysteries everytime I subbed at Carson High School (once a week-ish, back in the day.) In my happy place, I revisited a favorite story, about the blue carbuncle, & looked at the illustrations from the Omnibus (in my minds eye, of course.) It’s amazing the details that can be recalled simply by having nothing other than a group, gaggle, herd, of rocks staring one in the face. Sedimentary, of course. You can pray for me, if you remember. :)

Only 14 more days.

6 thoughts on “Sedimentary, My Dear Watson

  1. 14 more days . . .

    very nice. you are doing well. when is the first test?

  2. Good question – it was supposed to be Monday 6/26, but today dr. brimley announced “the test has been moved to a day different than & after Monday.”

    And that’s an exact quote.

  3. I went to S. Lake Tahoe today with my friend and found the most wonderful shop–a rock store!!!

    I loved it!! I want to go back asap.

    You are welcome to come along.

  4. thank you kindly for the invitation. Howevuh, after this little class on rocks, I believe it might be a long time before I do something that intentionally involves anythng rock-ish. Except for making rock music. Or at least my version of it, which is not quite a high-voltage, high octane sound.

  5. Speaking of rock music, did you ever see “What’s Up Doc?”

    It really is a great little shop!!!

  6. Hooray for 14 more days! It makes me sad that I’ll only get to see two more weeks worth of punny titles for your posts! :)

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