Processing appropriate responses…

As if life wasn’t hard enough already… the other day, I found that I had caused significant emotional, mental, & relational trauma to someone that I had known 20 or so years ago. This is the 2nd time in the last year that something like this has come to my attention. Ouch.

Now, I’m processing my response to this discovery…

5 thoughts on “Processing appropriate responses…

  1. Did said person tell you this directly, or did you hear it second-hand?

  2. 2nd hand news is usually stale and out of date, and I bet the person bringing this to your attention probably had no business doing so.

    in fact, I bet there’s not even an issue to be worried about. High school is high school.

    What really matters is . . . ARE SOULS BEING SAVED?

  3. lol. sorry. i don’t know why this is funny to me. but i agree that you shouldnt dwell too much until you know or sure there was damage.

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