A Friendly Note

I just wanted to give a shout out & a “ho there” just in case you have been contemplating standing in the path of a lava flow, personally observing a “lava fountain” (See pic at right) or just wanting to get your feet wet, literally, in the hot stuff. I’ve just been informed that it is NOT a good idea, under any circumstances, to stand anywhere in, around, by, or even near lava. Furthermore, in case the verbal warning was not enough, we’re watching a special documentary about why lava is dangerous to people. Really. 17 more classes.

6 thoughts on “A Friendly Note

  1. I love your humor. You made me laugh as I was reading your warning. Thank you

  2. I’ve been near lava flows in Hawaii and they are pretty warm. You would think that people would instinctively know not to go near the really hot stuff, but noooooo, some fo them don’t! :)

  3. …to not luv lava would be incontheivable…and I’m not just being magmanamous…

  4. *jeni groans at den’s bad joke*

    Scoey-just in case, you might also not want to put your hand on the burners when the stove is ON… :)

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