On becoming a Rock Hound

Day 3, 2nd lab -I have nodded my head throughout class (staying awake, staying alive) in rhythm to the nonsensical patter of those around me. I have intentionally held several rocks. In my hands. I’ve looked at them through a magnifying loop in the same way that old-school jewelers would peer at precious gems to “oooh” and “aaah” over them.. I have had classmates tell me that the rock I’m holding is potassium feldspar. But of course it is. It is greek to me. Until…

Obsidian. I find obsidian. I identify, correctly, obsidian. I am becoming a rock hound. Then dr. brimley tells me that obsidian is not a rock, but rather volcanic glass. I ignore him, & embrace my excellence. 18 more classes. Help me, Jesus.

8 thoughts on “On becoming a Rock Hound

  1. God is the original geologist. He enjoys your class. He identfies the rocks in a thousand hills. Embrace the mica. Go for the gold. Return the ruby slippers. Lift up your head, oh ye agates. If you drop this class you will be over a beryl. The last book of the Old Testament is Malachite, etc.

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