The Amish Are Coming…

There has been an outbreak of Amish solidarity on the UNR campus… not an abandonment of technology, or a bunch of cool hats all over… No. Beards. Big, bushy, scraggling, ‘fro’d out beards.

Good times.

12 thoughts on “The Amish Are Coming…

  1. more along the lines of a true Amish beard, almost Lincoln-like – no mustache, & a little more uniform than the pic of the guy jb posted on.

    i think i’ll grow one if you do :)

  2. I’m afraid not, Frad. I’ve seen you in pictures where it appears as though you were posing, allowing someone to make a graven image of you.

  3. …aren’t we commanded by God not to trim the corners of our beards? …we need pastoral guidance on this one…i knew that ZZ Top would one day turn out to be right…

  4. I used to know a guy in the hippie days who had a ZZ Top beard (maybe not quite that long). My memories of him include an old beat-up cowboy hat, him eating lots of honey, and always having bits of food (like carrots) stuck in his beard.

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