Good Times In COM 213

If the rest of my school semester goes like the first day, I may have a record number of blog posts. The material for future blogs is flocking like the salmon of Capistrano…

My COM 213 (Public Speaking) class called for us to introduce ourselves, as well as to answer 3 questions in our introduction:

#1 – What time period & location in history we’d like to visit
#2 – What person in the past we’d like to meet
#3 – What question we’d ask them

My answers were:
#1 – I’d like to visit what is now Germany, in the early 16th century
#2 – I’d like to meet Martin Luther (not the Rev. Dr., but you get the picture.)
#3 – What were the factors that led most directly to his tacking of the 95 theses/disagreements/questions about practices of the church on the Wittenburg Door? (Just want to hear it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.)

Seems straightforward, doesn’t it? Well, here are a couple of the answers that I got to listen to…

-I’d like to live in the USA in the Olden Days, but not in the 20’s because the Great Depression would be really sad to go through…

-I couldn’t imagine living at another time without my cell phone…

-I’m not really like a history person, so like, I don’t know when I would want to go back to, because it was so long ago…

-I’d like to live in the Roman age, when there was so much cultural development…

-I’d like to go to Nam & see if it was as crazy as my dad said…

PERSON TO MEET (Remember: in history, the past… before today.)
-Johnny Damon (CF for the Yankees)
-Martin Luther King
-Bob Marley
-Bob Dylan
-My gramma
-Abraham Lincoln
-Michael Jordan
-Phil Ivey (poker guru)
-Edgar Allen Poe
-Emily Dickinson
-Michael Jackson. Yes, THE Michael Jackson

-The most prevalent question was “How was it living back then?” closely followed by, “Is the world I live in different than your time?”
-Others include: “how did you manage to live without all the technology we have?”
“Who is your hero?”
“How did you overcome the haters?”
“Why did you drink so much?”
“How can I start my own TV show like you?” for Oprah

And, my favorite question was to be asked of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson himself – “Why are you such a bizarre person?”

Good times.
How would you answer the questions?

6 thoughts on “Good Times In COM 213

  1. When I’ve had to answer this before, we were told to exclude Jesus from our list, among others. But since you didn’t:

    1. Bible times–32 ADish???
    2. Jesus (not for the obvious reasons)
    3. I would ask him what his specific vision for the role of women is, particularly single women–you know, clear up a little controversy once and for all. And then what I learned would still be relevant today.

    I have to commend you on the use of the “salmon of Capistrano” in this post. Quite entertaining… :)

  2. It sounds like Bill and Ted are alive and well and reincarnated amongst your classmates. Scary, Scoey.

  3. Well if there was something I miss about going to college so far it would be the strange stuff you get to encounter. Mr H. and I were also good at spotting it when it happened. Good stuff Scoey.

    1. Baroque Period (because it was stylistically complex)

    2. I would like to be able to go back and see the earth and heavens created.

    3. Well, I will ask this one in a college question format. (Where it all counts as one question)

    How did you do that?
    a) Why did you do that
    b) Where did you do that from?
    c) Where do I fit in all this?

  4. While you talk to Luther, ask him his thought process on his support of torture. Ive got some pictures from the museum of torture in Germany.

  5. man, sorry i missed this post earlier. i would like to ask mj how he overcame all the haters as well, but my answers would have to be:

    1) beginning of the earth to clear up the whole evolution thing
    2) lee harvey oswald
    3) so, off the record, did you act alone?

    this reminds me of “fight club” when they are talking about what historical figure they would most like to fight. ghandi was first on the list.

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