The Ragamuffin Gospel

BOOK REVIEW: “The Ragamuffin Gospel,” by Brennan Manning

The central theme of “The Ragamuffin Gospel” is the incredible saving grace & love of our Lord Jesus Christ. The author speaks in detail about the daily life struggles of a believer & how these difficulties can cause us to feel unworthy of approaching an Awesome God, making it seem tough for us attempt spend time with Him. From Scripture, we’re reminded of the FACT that Jesus Christ’s love for us is not based on how “good we’re doing“ with Him – it’s based in His goodness, His grace, & His mercy. Though we’re “Ragamuffins” – people of no real standing before our God, our Savior approaches us, in love & with full assurance of acceptance & forgiveness, right where we are.

As I read, I was overwhelmed with an incredible sense of God’s love for me. The only way to describe it was as a feeling of “heaviness,” but not a bad heaviness— a weight on my heart, a reminder of the undeserved & unearned goodness of Jesus Christ to me. It made me want more of Jesus.

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  1. Yes, it is good. I went through it with my interns this summer. It provided some good insights & discussion.

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