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Thanks to OP, I just got to watch an interesting take on “the Emerging Church” – got me to wondering: what characteristics need to be present in order for a church to be considered “emerging” – it’s got to go way beyond the trappings (e.g. candles, coffee, icons, casual dress…)

Is this emerging business just an American phenomenon or is it something that is going to be looked back on in 25 years as a mini-reformation, perhaps on par with the Jesus movement &/or the charismatic renewal.

Nightline’s View of the Emerging Church

Wikipedia – The Emerging Church

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  1. I don’t think it is or will be a big deal. It’s just a matter of a younger generation moving into a role of leadership in the church. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t going to be whack-jobs in charge anymore, they just won’t be old whackj-obs.

  2. The emergent church sponsored by mainline, traditional denominations will run into trouble when they cross too far over the traditional line and the honchos holding the money and hierarchical power start reining them in–my prediction, based on experience.

  3. Hey, I saw a tv show on Food Network about this hot dog shop that’s in the basement of a church. The people who run it opened it so that they could try to help support their church. It was kinda cool…

  4. Thanks for the link to the video. It is interesting, as it reflects a very American expression of the emerging church (not a criticism, just an observation). It is happening around the world, but each country (like Canada or Australia) manifest it differently.

    Notice that the piece cited the emerging church as coming out of rebellion. This is less the case outside of the US. Therefore, protest and the inevitable conflicts are going to happen. Again, not a criticism.

    I disagree with David’s comment, though, as I think this reflects a significant shift in the global Body of Christ.

    Jamie Arpin-Ricci

  5. in ’98 i read one of leonard sweet’s books called “AQUA church”. instead of one size fits all approach to leadership, he talks about “leadership arts” that allow for each, unique, individual church to navigate through this time of post-modernism.

    also, i like how jerry cook states that in order to be relevant to our current generations, we really need to consider that it will be through experience & relationship: sharing our lives in our scope of influence. the forms change in the ways we reach people, but relationship never changes. i think that a focus of relationship w/in the local church community (small groups, others) & the teaching that encourages members that the majority of evangelism takes place in their lives: work, recreation, church, family, friends, etc… nothing new here- just a re-visitation to basic, good stuff.

  6. Characteristics? Real. Present. Inviting, welcoming and loosing the God that is the same today and forever. Well settled and executed mission, identity and culture. Operating fully in gifts of the Spirit but not weird. Worship in spirit and in truth. A very alive, healthy and vital “Monday Morning Church” in force.

    Emergent church for real, transformational, sea-change, life producing worldwide (especially in Europe)? You bet. I sense God’s all over it.

    If crtical mass hasn’t already happened by then, Echo Boomers will achieve that. Regardless, it’s they who’ll achieve momentum and exponentially grow it.

    What about the rest of us? Understanding Gen Y and younger, then equipping well (wise, scripturally and doctrinally sound choices), albeit likely way different in form, will be huge contributing factor as to just how big Emergent Church goes & what gets done for God.

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