Moby & PJ

We’ve had Moby, a yellow lab, since about August. One of the things we’ve discovered is that Moby gets lonely by himself. So, we’ve been on the lookout for another dog, preferrably a small one, that can be his buddy.

A family we know got a dachshund puppy & then found out that they were allergic to her. We saw the 10 week old & thought she’d fit the bill, especially when she gets bigger. Weezer thought of a great name for the new puppy – Pastor Jack, though we’ll call her PJ for short.

Now, they’re playing well together (in short, supervised bursts of hide & seek,) & we’re having lots of fun watching them play.

18 thoughts on “Moby & PJ

  1. I thought you didn’t like dogs…I remember a little bat terrier called Boston…but now you have 2…good stuff, PJ looks cute…for a weiner dog

  2. Not big on dogs. Cats, I like. However, there are many sacrifices that I’m willing to make to accomodate the earth rule that mandates that every earth child has a dog. (Reference: Stargate SG-1, Season 1, Episode #15, “Singularity” – stated by O’Neill.)

    Also, I believe Boston, the rat terrier, was mentally deficient. This is evidenced not only by our inability to keep the dog, but by the same thing happening after we gave Boston to real, live, verified & card-carrying dog people (defined as people who may die unless they have 4 dogs at their house,, sleeping inside, preferably in their beds, while the human occupants live on the floor.)

    Happy New Year PBJ

  3. Did Boston’s recipients give him away also?

    If you had a cat, each of your children would have a pet.

    Who is Ainsley?

  4. yes, Boston’s recipients, real dog lovers, gave the rat to the pound, which is the final evidence that we were justified in declaring her mentally unsound.

    Ainsley is Weezer’s nemesis – she plays Lex Luthor to Weezer’s Supergirl, Greedo to Han Solo, Raymond Burr to Jimmy Stewart… you get the picture.

  5. Ainsley is a girl in 3rd grade at Weezer’s school; this year she’s not in her class, which is fortunate for all of us.

    Technically, if she was a human, we’d need to call PJ by a feminine name, but with dogs, all bets are off. I was watching the Westminster Dog Show & man, those are some funky names. And that’s just the owners.

  6. those dog show people are really, really scary. my mom is dog-sittin right now and the owner printed off a med/vet release form for his pup. sheesh i forget to do that for my kids sometimes, but he thought of everything. kreeps me out when people start treating pets like they are people.

  7. creeps me out when people treat their children like people. or cats like things that shouldn’t be put down.

  8. so, brintus, you subscribe to the snoop dogg school of pet/childcare? rather than hold & nurture said pet/child, you “drop it like it’s hot…”

  9. We are also the people (defined as people who may die unless they have 4 dogs at their house,, sleeping inside, preferably in their beds, while the human occupants live on the floor.)

    However we only have 3. A Chesapeake Bay, a Golden and a Newfoundland mix. We have had them all since they were puppies ansd the oldest in now 7. I think its great to raise kids around animals.
    Congrats on the new pup!

  10. Didn’t Boston ultimately end up dieing from a brain tumor or something like that?

  11. i am definetly NOT of the snoop dog phils for kids. kids are lil people in lil bodies with way too much smarts than bigger people give them credit for.

  12. The same is true of midgets, with the exception of the “people” and “smarts” stuff. I guess that just leaves “lil bodies.”

  13. Oh, BTW, Louie….now you can’t say anything about my little dog, because yours is even more little!

  14. people who own dogs change. they just dont see what non dog owners see. like the hair and the stink. and how many times a dog will sniff my pant leg. just hump it and get off already, it aint getting any uglier.
    i refuse to be a pet owner (minus the 5 kids and turtle who can hardly count as a pet) until my children no longer poop in inappropriate places. aka their pants, the toilet seat, etc. when that happens, my pooper scooper days are over. i already have little groundlings to gnaw on my furniture, i dont need to start a collection of them.
    but i really am a dog person…giggle. at least i used to be.

  15. I’m totally with you on the waiting until their is only one pooper in the family – cool thing is that Pastor Jack uses a litter box most of the time.

    My dog is not tall, but she sure is long. Within about 8-10 months, she may give Liat a run for her money.

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