2006 is lurking…

In just a couple of days, it will be 2006, a new calendar year. Though I don’t feel like I’m captive to the need for “New Year’s Resolutions” I don’t mind taking the time to take stock of life, family, church, etc.

Some of the thoughts running through my head: Am I becoming who I’m supposed to be? What areas have I grown in over the last year? How am I doing as a husband? Am I becoming a better father? What does it mean to get “better” at being a husband &/or dad? Are we on the right track at church? What steps are necessary for us to take in order to keep growing in the manner God would intend for us? How can we not just maintain or slip backwards by falling into routine? What is the tangible difference between the Holy Spirit’s leading & the my own will driving me towards something?

Lord, please do Your work in me – in my family. Give me wisdom to know when to sit & rest, & also when to get up & go for it. May I prioritize people over things, & Your priorities & values over all else. Guide our church family, that we wouldn’t languish due to laziness, & strive due to selfish ambition. May we be about Your business, O God & let the monsters that drive the machine of church not get a hold of me. Show us how we can continue to let our good works shine from this “City on a Hillside” to bring glory & honor to You.

4 thoughts on “2006 is lurking…

  1. i know what you mean. i pray for guidance in a lot of these areas. prioritizing is always a problem for me, and is getting to be that way again.

  2. …those are good questions, especially that last one about discerning the uniqueness of the Lord’s leading apart from our own thoughts/agenda. I’d appreciate you sharing any insights or revelations that you come up with on that one..I’ve been wrestling w/it for years.

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