6 thoughts on “Turn Out the Lights, the Party’s Over

  1. We had better not get stuck with the douche-nozzles that do Sunday Night football, especially Theisman and the fat guy who used to be a punter.

    What right does a punter have to talk about football?

  2. David I agree…I can’t STAND listening to the SNF show. I keep my finger on the mute button so that when they throw it OVER to the used car salesman Suzy I can keep the enamel on my molars.

    I did watch the final MNF and was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more production highlights. It felt sort of thrown together at the last minute to me. I also wanted to see more Lennon.

  3. Well, since ABC and ESPN are owned by the same company it’s not surprising that they didn’t do a big send-off. They probably should have, though; its free advertising.

  4. They should have hosted it from disneyland, or they should have borrowed all the outfits and had mickey mouse and some dude dressed as snow white throw hot dogs at people.

  5. Some dude dressed as snow white while throwing hot dogs at people is just good television; they should already know that.

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