Whew. I’m sitting at my desk trying to determine just where it is I should begin in dealing with the mountains of paper, mail, messages, & emails that await me. The best idea so far is to sneak out the window ala Indiana Jones (Holy Grail) & let it all sit for another day.

But, I just made coffee, so I’ll be enjoying a cup or ten, then systematically shoveling through… I love this.:)

6 thoughts on “Mountains…

  1. Welcome back. I don’t know what your email volume is, but I took one whole week off from work this past year and came back to 150 emails.

    sigh . . . I feel your pain.

    Hey, I’m glad you’re back!

  2. it’s the good ol’survival mode of doing the front-burners/high priorty items, then going down the list until you reach the e-mails that are forwarded w/ a joke on them. maybe, you should try the friends e-mails first in order to get enough motivation for the rest of the stuff. :-) i soooo feel your pain.

    glad you & the family are back. we missed you!

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