The day after thanksgiving means that there is not much to do but eat whatever grub is leftover from the feast the day before, and watch episodes from Season 1 of Stargate SG-1. We’re (ok, I’m) not really into shopping or crowds, so I have about as much desire to go find some great deals at the mall today, as I would to go play in the shark tank at Sea World wearing a halibut swimsuit. (Translation: not very much desire to shop)

I believe that my inactivity today has helped with digestion of the mass quantities of nourishment that were consumed – esp. the cheesecake that was O So Good, topped with cherries to boot. Frog-eye salad. Fruit & yogurt parfait. Stuffing with gravy. Good times.

4 thoughts on “post-thanksgiving

  1. ummm…gina,jen, mom and myself woke at the buttcrak o’ dawn (gina’s bright idea, and one never tried before) to go shopping at macy’s. we had so much fun, that i think we might try it again next year. oh yeah, and i didn’t even buy anything!!!

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