Moby Richard

This is my dog – yes I have a dog, & he is a lab puppy born in June, so he’s bigger than his photo shows…

His name is Moby Richard, partially after the techno master, partially after the book of a remarkable similar name written by Melville…

Why Moby Richard? Because my kids didn’t think the other would be appropriate.

7 thoughts on “Moby Richard

  1. He sure looks cuddly. Puppies are so cute (except if they potty in your lap while you’re holding them).

  2. he’s a great dog. however, he also has the most odoriferous gas that I have come across in my lifetime. He can clear a room in nothing flat. It’s amazing – we’ve been moving from room to room tonight to avoid his special aroma. my wife keeps gagging & choking. great fun @ our house.

  3. My parents dog had that gas problem once. If I recall it had something to do with the food she ate, but I am definitely not a vet.

  4. That is definitely the case with my dog. It only seems to happen after he goes to my parents’ house and my mom gives him too many treats. I told her to stop but she wouldn’t listen. Then my dog, Winston, had diarrhea in my mom’s bed. Good Times.

  5. i haven’t been able to stop laughing since you mentioned that joni is gagging & choking. mindy has an over-active gag reflex & it provides good entertainment. remind me to tell ya about our experience w/ the yellow lab from heck.

  6. I used to have a cat that was like Moby. I don’t know if it was the food she ate or not.

  7. my old youth pastor had an over-active gag reflex that was so much fun. if i remember correctly david and allie were the ones who enjoyed it most.

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