The Tempest

Tonight I get to read Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” – & follow it up with a short, 1 or 2 page essay of response to my readings. This is the first of 15 papers I get to write for my CH 202 class. That’s not complaining, mind you, just a little protesting at the meaninglessness of some of the assignments that get thrown the way of the college student. What bugs me is the insistence of “quantity over quality,” & the idea of simply regurgitating the instructors opinions. Oh well, I too can do this. It builds discipline, & even character, so I’ve heard.

Before I start my paper, I thought I’d give a little shout out to the 80’s glam-rockers that bear the same name as the Shakespeare tome…

11 thoughts on “The Tempest

  1. …the storm, the King, the overbearing professor…all forms of uncontrollable power are upon you tonight.

  2. It builds the character of some who is half-a-retard. If you learn anything from this, it’s that much like a latter-day Rolling Stones concert, Shakespeare still gets away with a lot of crap just because he’s Shakespeare.

    You know you’re just playing the game, and that’s what really matters. It’s all about being able to manage those who manage you.

  3. Interesting take on being able to manage others that manage you… Do you have any experience with that mr scoey? Tell us!

  4. I definitely see the fish eyeball… Who knew that within a fish eyeball one might find a tempest?!

  5. …the last time I went to Men’s camp…on the second morning without sleep, I looked in the mirror and I saw that very album cover.

  6. That is by far the least lame of old Shakeys writings…I read the abrigded version in high school. I don’t get that crap…I need a language class in old English to even begin trying to understand it. It may has well be Chineese.

  7. I know what you mean – it’s a pain, & at the same time, I recognize the poetry & verse is a lost art. People don’t talk that way anymore, but I still want to be able to read & comprehend it – there some beautiful stuff in the form of Shakespeare’s writing, & in his word usage as well. If left to my own devices, I wouldn’t read the Tempest, but would have just watched a Stargate episode or played with my dog… having had to do it, I find that I survived, & it wasn’t sooo bad.

  8. Hey Sticks…i doubt that Shaky could make heads or tails out of your writing either :)

    for a 20th century version, check out Paul Mazursky’s “Tempest”…a very loose adaptation. purists hate it of course, but i enjoy watching john cassavetes ever since Dirty Dozen.

  9. It’s okay Debi, I’m weird, too and I won’t even try to deny it. I love Shakespeare. But you know what makes me weirder? Above when Fradster said that he would need a class in old English to read it, the first thing that popped into my head is that Shakespeare wrote in VICTORIAN English. Chaucer wrote in OLD English, which would be even less intelligible to us. I am such a nerd!

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