PThis won’t be a very long post – more like me stringing together a few thoughts, observations, & musings. When I arrived in Mainz at the main train station, the picture at left is of a group of self-proclaimed “liberators of Palestine” (hence the flag) holding a demonstration in the square. I didn’t catch what they were chanting in German (at least beyond the “1-2-3-4…”) so I asked the person next to me what the jist off their declarations was. She was quite disturbed, & said, “It is not good. Not good.” And walked away. So I asked someone else, & they told me that the series of sentences¬† they were repeating through their bullhorns went something like this:

  • Give Palestine back.
  • Support the holy war.
  • Death to Jews, Death to Israel.

Ah. Now I see why the first lady was so upset. I watched some more. Listened. Prayed. It was a sobering sight.

Told someone about it later, & this friend sent me the link to this VIDEO describing the Israeli take on the “Israel/Palestine” conflict. It’s about 5 minutes long & is worth the watch.