Musings on a Tuesday…

The 2-week break from school that my kids are on has provided me with an opportunity to take a couple of half-days to spend with them doing some of our favorite things. Today we went to see Avatar in 3D. It reminded me of a few movies, especiallyDances With Wolves. Had popcorn. With lots of butter. Yum.

When we were standing in line for the popcorn, the person in front of us ordered popcorn & specified “Very light butter.” I was incredulous – Very Light Butter? Isn’t the very purpose of movie popcorn to soak it in so much Real Movie Popcorn Butter that every time a handful is taken, it requires a full napkin to address the mess left on your hand? So I asked for the butter on mine that they should have put on the other person’s popcorn.

Pasty is in Tennnessee… Cookeville to be precise. Visiting his girlfriend & her family. It was all he wanted for Christmas, so he’ll be there for the next few days… And that event marks the entrance to an interesting phase of life: the parenting of an adult.

Which reminds me: today at the movie theater, I was waiting for theWeez to come back from the little girls room. Out of the blue, a pretty young thing came up to me & put her arms around me. Whoa. It was theWeez. Here I was, waiting for my little girl, & here I am confronted by this beautiful almost woman. Goodness, time flies.

This evening, I met with 3 of our 4 church team leaders for the 1st time in a couple of weeks; normally we get together every week to communicate – to bounce ideas off of each other, talk about recent happenings, & plan for upcoming stuff. With Christmas & its festivities, we missed a couple, which I didn’t think would be a big deal. Turns out I was wrong – communication means the need for more communication, clarification, knowing & being known. I didn’t realize how much I had missed it, or how good it would be to catch up. I’m thankful for those guys.

Woke up this morning with the feel of sand & sun lingering from a vivid dream… only to find a cold, foggy, & snowy day awaiting me. I’ve never been a beach guy, & my perfect days have always revolved around the indoors. But man, I sure could go for some sand & sun about now. And a nap.

Complaining doesn’t help bad or uncomfortable situations. It just takes me deeper into a hole, & requires that I ignore the areas of life where God is actively, consistently, faithfully at work in & around me. And I’m not gonna waste the energy on it.

Booyah. I love that word. Booyah. It is a great transitional word that says Nothing & Everything at the same time.

7 thoughts on “Musings on a Tuesday…

  1. “Booyah” is like a good pick me up – can’t be feeling upset or unsure if you say it. Like right now, I was thinking about stuff, getting upset, then read your blog and the “Booyah” and feel again like superwoman.

    BTW I like movie popcorn with light butter also. It doesn’t make my belly hurt.

    And your Weez is a beautiful thing, you had better be careful. I am thinking to find a nice desserted island in 10 years. Maybe you have already looked?

    • Booyah has become one of my “words” that I use too much. Not that I’m going to stop. It’s cathartic. Use it. I won’t mind.

  2. I am going to start checking every Tuesday so that I can say I have “Tuesdays with Louie”
    get it… like “Tuesdays with Morry” Sorry please excuse the Ellen moment.
    A couple of thoughts –
    I have to agree what is popcorn for if not another excuse to get to the butter? Seriously what is wrong with these healthy people!!
    I don’t have a slot for my children flying away to see girlfriend/boyfriend but I imagine that moment has got to feel quite strange. Thanks for paving the way friend of what it is like to have children older than my own.
    Finally, I have to admit I have these moments where I catch myself staring at my daughter thinking who has replaced lil baby Em faith with this lovely young lady ?
    AND one final note you are awesome and we miss you and your clan so much but did you know that Seattle is the coffee meca of the world?? Boo yah!! I have found coffee I didn’t even know was out there. I think you should come and try these different flavors of caffeine. We could be your next retreat place. It’s the kinda camping you would enjoy, in the woods but with all the comforts of a home. Well, I only have one bathroom… but you get the idea.
    I have exceeded the alloted amount of blog comment space now and I must go now before I implode.

    • Great idea – Tuesday seems like a natural musing time for me anyway. I’ll try & do my part to have the posts up ;)

      Good seeing you 6 the other night.

  3. Erm… You do know that isn’t really butter right? It’s not even related to butter. The hydrogenated soybean oil served as butter is insanely unhealthy! A large popcorn with this pseudo-butter has as much saturated fat as eight Big Macs.

    Chew on that!

    • Yes, I know it isn’t butter, butter. It’s popcorn buttery butterness butter, which makes it some kind of wonderful. And makes One crave it.

      Kinda like what the Colonel used to do when he’d put an addictive chemical in it to make One crave it fortnightly.

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