S-A-TUR-DAY… night.

Couldn’t sleep last night. Again. Not overtired, & no pain this time, just awake, missing home. Caught theBean at a good moment & we were able to set up a Skype with 4/5 of the fam. (Sorry Weez. You were hoopin’.) Almost forgot how beautiful that woman is. Wow. It takes ones breath away. Tried to sleep. Finally, asked Jesus to put me to sleep, & to “rest” me in the 5 hours I’d get. Next thing I knew…

Woke up to a light rain, which has been par for the course. Not that I mind. Choco-croissant, coffee, time with theAlex & Linda, then the 45 minute trip to TPLF via the U1 & U7.

Quiet morning at Roundabout, with good conversation, prayer, worship, & goodbyes.

HefeWent to ALDI & snagged some cool smelling deodorant & some cheap nail clippers. It was buy those or get a manicure, & I didn’t have the time or inclination. But you could imagine.

Made my way to Zimt und Koriander for pizza & a hefe. That combo just can’t be beat. Back to the house for a nap… have to charge up for later, as theAlex & Linda & me are headed out for the evening… which of course is where the title of the post comes from. Don’t know if we’ll see the Bay City Rollers, but if we do, I’ll be ready.


2 thoughts on “S-A-TUR-DAY… night.

  1. You are way too young for that Bay City Rollers quote my friend . . .:-)

    I’m glad your trip is going well . . . We will continue to keep you in our prayers. Looking forward to seeing you soon . . .

  2. Miss you my friend. Hope you are having a great time and I can’t wait to catch up when you get back. :)

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