tuesday & it’s pretending to snow…

Woke up last night to a howling wind, accompanied by the sound of rain & hail being slammed up against our windows. Ah yes. It is nearly Winter. Or at least its pretending.

Went to theWeez’s soccer banquet tonight – held at Pizza Plus, which IS a plus. Got to eat pizza & wings & watch 15 or so 12-14 year old girls do whatever it is that 12-14 year old girls do.

75 minutes, lots of giggling & a 3 minute awards ceremony later, we were on our way out.

It was snowing. Or at least pretending to snow. You know what I mean, the kind of snow that you can actually see falling to the ground, but once its actually there, it sort of disappears. Which is why I say it’s ‘pretending.’

I’ve started my packing process – the week-long saga I go through in preparing for my November trip to Germany. Laying out clothes I might want to take, making sure they’re all washed & pressed; then, laying out clothes that I’ll wear in the days leading up to departure day. Silly, I know. But the 2 piles can’t be mixed.

Determined more than ever not to over pack, & also to leave adequate room for my gifts & take-alongs.

Got a great present today – about 40 3-packs of the Starbuck’s Via instant coffee… just add hot water & booyah! Coffee, or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof. I’m taking it with, just in case I meet some hot water…

I like to hulu, – esp. because it makes it so I can watch Fringe. It reminds me a bit of The X-Files… Fringe is something I normally couldn’t watch, because it’s on the same time as The Office, which totally trumps Fringe, at least in theBean’s eyes. (Which, by the way, are some pretty deep blue eyes… so deep, I got lost… but I digress…)

Week 3 of the kettlebells – holy moly. That’s all I have to say. Arms, legs, chest, core…

Which reminds me that I need to soak-a my feet. I’m tired.

Here’s to “No Snow!” tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “tuesday & it’s pretending to snow…

  1. your packing ritual reminds me of a certain Destro. you know there is more excitement in winging it and throwing clothes in a bag the morning that you have to go :)

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