Football on a Sunday afternoon, & other musings…

It’s easier to watch the 49ers now that they seem to have at least a fighting chance. Goodness. The last few years have been rough. Like 15 of them.

On that note, I think I made it through the tough stuff because of fantasy football – when things were rough in the Bay, at least I could live vicariously through the players on my teams.

My last fantasy baseball team ends its season today. With me in 1st place. Booyah.

I’ve had a series of very vivid, realistic dreams. Sometimes it seems that they’re totally random & don’t have any special significance… but these dreams make it seem like some action &/or response is required. Gotta pray.

More & more, I am understanding the saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink…”

Stargate Universe was ok. Seems like the creators have taken a page from the BSG playbook. I’ll watch again this week & see how it goes. You see it? What’d you think?

Nap time.

One thought on “Football on a Sunday afternoon, & other musings…

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