There’s lots of things in the world that I don’t understand. I’ve just found another one.

Yesterday, a priority mail package arrived. Looked like something I’d get from Amazon if I’d ordered a book… but this was from ATT. Hmm. Wonder what they could be sending?

After opening the package, I discovered 3 things:

  • Turns out, due to a glitch in the ATT computer billing system, 1 member of our family has had their phone bill separated from the rest of the “ATT Family Plan”
  • This is I-Doey’s bill, covering his phone line. It is 262 pages long.
  • It has 14,114 reasons why we chose to go with the ‘unlimited texting’ plan. 14,114. Texts. 1 person. 1 month. Or, 470 per day.

  • Truly, right now, I have no response.

    8 thoughts on “Surprises…

    1. RUT ROH!! I blocked all texting to and from for Lil Ms Em cause I am thinking she is only 11 right now and if I go down that road so soon I will not only have a teenager who talks text-isms but that would be if she talks at all !!
      Really?? 14,114 ?? is he doing this in his sleep now?

      oh yes and my word verification( i couldn't have planned this if i tried and frankly i think this is given divinely just to make you laugh today)

      ducee :) i have one big smile right now. how appropriate.

    2. At .05 a text = $705.70… That is like getting a raise this month. At least he is getting his monies worth!


    3. Before we a text plan to our bill Sprint was charging 20 cents a do send or recieve texts. =O

    4. 470 texts per day? Ay caramba! I don't even think I do that many a month… That's impressive…

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