Tuesday afternoon musings…

My fantasy baseball season is being derailed almost before it begins. Injuries to Hanley Ramirez, Josh Hamilton, Ryan Doumit, & Carlos Delgado have left me scrambling for potential replacements… wonder if I can petition for more spots for the Disabled List…

A late afternoon Guinness in an icy glass is hard to beat.

When somebody thinks they know everything, it sure is hard to tell them otherwise. Man, I’ve tried. :)

TheBean is off on a cruise next week with TheWeez & a couple of other friends, meaning me, Pasty, & theJoey are bachelor-ing it. I’m totally confident that we’ll make it just fine, but I must confess I’m now doing what I can to scope out the fast-food options available in case my cooking ideas (read: microwaved pizzas & canned soups,) get too boring.

We’ll be hitting the movie THEE-ate-er at least once as well. X-Men Origins. Definitely.

Being without theBean for the week raises the question: why does it make me feel all hollow inside to think of being here without her? Is it just the missing of my One True love, or is it a Neediness that gets exposed when she’s not around for me to lean on? Hmmmm. I wonders…

I wish my kids had the opportunity to watch Joe Montana play football. The closest I think I’ll get is Tom Brady. Sigh.

No Line On The Horizon is my favorite U2 album since Joshua Tree. Time will tell where it ranks all time. I start everyday of work listening through it. Love it.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday afternoon musings…

  1. – I work with several know-it-alls… I have learned to just keep my mouth shut and try to think about something else while they are talking in order to get through the day. Twelve hours of this behavior can drive one to violence… I suspect.

    – Jay went to high school with Tom Brady… Tom even added him as a friend on facebook, but we weren’t sure if it was the real Tom or not, and since they weren’t that close, he ended up deleting him as a friend.

    – sorry for the highjack, I didn’t mean to ramble:)

  2. I too will be batching (my invented spelling) next week. No kids to worry about, but batching it all the same.

    Actually, it will be no different than the better part of this semester.

  3. ummm… if the locke boys( louie, johnny, and joey) need a place to eat other than fast food we would love to have you over since because of sickies you had to miss last weekend with the boys.

  4. just tell your kids joe montana was like tom brady but not as good. it’s easy.

  5. oh, and if we’re telling stories about who we know — i have a friend with the best.

    she has her 8th grade yearbook, it was signed “Jane, thanks for being so sweat” signed by calvin broadus. that’s right, snoop dogg himself. tell me that’s not sweat.

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