One of the most mystifying characters in the Bible to me is Samson – a miracle baby born to a formerly infertile couple, a child whose birth is surrounded by promise of leading Israel to freedom from her oppressors; set aside as a Nazirite from birth. (Samson’s story is told HERE)

I never really understood how Samson could be one of the “heroes” in the BIble, let alone be used by God to be the leader/judge of Israel – when right smack dab in the middle of the story is the underlying subplot of his life: he disobeyed God regularly. He didn’t keep his Nazirite vows. He regularly had sexual encounters with prostitutes. He had a ‘thing’ for Philistine women – something that eventually ended up costing him his life.

One thing that I never read about, (& didn’t really notice until now,) is that in the story of Samson there isn’t any meaningful connection or friendship with guys mentioned- not even one. His use of women as sex objects is. His consistent chasing of Philistine women is; his making decisions on his own, relying on his ‘gifts, call, & talent” is.

Makes me wonder.

On that note, I came across this article – it explains a bit about the “Samson Society”, something I heard & read about last week; something that I mentioned HERE.

If you’re interested, the book is available HERE. I strongly recommend checking it out…