Monday evening musings…

Sometimes, I find great comfort in marking the passing of time through the advancement of seasons as marked through TV series… the arrival of a new season of a long-awaited series is like a healing balm to aching joints… Hello, 24! And BSG!

Listening (reading?) someone arguing their ethical viewpoint doesn’t quite make sense to me… esp. the argument, “If I do this for you, then I’d have to do it for everyone…” Bull. Every situation is different – & I think you just might be hiding behind the fact that you don’t want to make a hard decision & have to live through it.

When I talk to my kids about what it was like when I was growing up, & relay specific stories relating to things that they’re going through currently in their life, they look at me like A) I’m a liar or B) like the world today is so different there’s no way what I’m saying/relating could possibly be relevant to their oh-so-sophistimicated lives…

Case in point – the High School years – I was talking to Pasty & theBean – & relating to Pasty some of the difficult decision making situations I’d been in at his age that involved the attempted seduction BY the opposite sex. I counted 10 separate instances where my virtue had been challenged, my heart wooed, & the overt assault, attempt to get me to engage prematurely in the horizontal polka had taken place… all by the time I was 17. And the Pasty Gangsta just smiled at me like I was making it all up. Oh that learning can come through the wisdom of others, & not through the School of Hard Knocks.

The richness of relationship that I have the privilege of enjoying currently is something far beyond anything that I’ve ever thought I would have. To all of you – thank you for being integrally involved in my life. You have no idea how enriching you are to me & mine.

Hershey’s chocolate stands up to any chocolate, worldwide. Swiss chocolate be darned.

U2’s new one, Get On Your Boots is out & about. Enjoy.

The Arizona Cardinals are in the Super Bowl. A great story, & a lineup, a series of matchups that have to make Las Vegas nervous, & the Steelers lose sleep.

In retrospect, the Lord of the Rings trilogy is amazing.

I’d like to go to sleep, a sleep without dreams, without tossing & turning, a sleep with no alarm clock to ruin it. I can dream. :)

Speaking of dreaming, something that has crept into my waking hours is a longing to be warmed by the sun, cooled by the sea-spray, held by the sand, refreshed by the fruity, tropicalness in a place, domestic or exotic, where theBean & I can rest, recharge, & be filled. Oh yes, it will happen.

3 thoughts on “Monday evening musings…

  1. Are you sure you want baby todd to spend the night. She is “better” than an alarm clock. Shall we take bets on who will go to the “tropical paradise” first?

  2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Kurt Warner is God’s favorite NFL player … and possibly ath-a-lete.

    You know both the Eagles and the Cards have legitimate Christians on their respective teams who are praying at the end of that game. But God said, “I sure do love me some Kurt Warner.”

  3. I like your musings. Somehow I find them comforting . . . I can’t explain it . . . Not that it matters . . .

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