Once again…

…I’m a-messing with my template. I really liked my last one, but had a hard time with the attempted modifications I wanted to make to said template. Esp. difficult was the ‘commenting.’

Brint’s last comment pushed me to make the changes necessary.

So here I am, Huckleberry.

7 thoughts on “Once again…

  1. I don’t know how to compliment your new look without making you sound girlie. I like it :).

  2. Word that comes to mind: sharp. not really a word I ever use, but it definitely describes the new look, very nice:)

  3. thanks, ladies.

    i think i’ll start every comment like that from now on. and the new layout is sharp.

  4. Your new layout is keen, but personally I would prefer to end every comment with “thanks, ladies.”

  5. I would say your new layout is “money”!! Imagine that being said by a man’s man like my bro. Like on the money. Very nice.
    My brother Greg always says, “that’s money” when something is really cool. so there you have it. Greg said it, that settles it…. or wait it’s supposed to be someone else with a G said it and that settles it, hmm???

  6. I think just as long as a real g says it’s money, then it’s money.

    thanks, ladies.

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