running in the rain, & other musings…

Of all the weather to run in, I think I like running in the rain the best. Its the smell of fresh fallen rain on the asphalt, coupled with wet sagebrush, two scents that give me joy for some reason. Also, it doesn’t seem like I ran nearly as far as I did, with the absence of sun beating down on me.

For the first time in my life, I notice a difference if I stretch after running or if I don’t.

Got a set of pictures from a friend that’s in the Marines, serving in Iraq, & got a little glimpse of what his Thanksgiving looks like. I wept. For the sacrifice that he & other are making & have made. For the sorrow I feel at the losses that have occurred in the last years. For my own myopia, focusing on my own comfort & needs way too easily. Here’s to you, Johnny Fritsche!

On that note, & with more than a touch of irony, I’m waiting for theBean to make it home from World Market, with many goodies for tomorrow – not the necessities & main courses, but the good stuff. Like choco jimmies from Deutschland. Special sauces. Bopcorn. Salties. And most surprisingly, a box of wine, called, “Wine 4 Grilling.” Go figure.

We’re cleaning our rooms. All of us. And not just picking up dirties off of the floor, but the full deal-io. So clean you can vacuum.

Can’t wait for dinner tonight. Let alone for tomorrow.

And, I’m ready for some football. You?

4 thoughts on “running in the rain, & other musings…

  1. Hmmm. Interesting. I wonder if the Lions will show up. They have a pretty good history on Thanksgiving – maybe its the national stage…

    What is happening with Vince Young BTW?

  2. Football, no. I am sorry you guys were sentenced to room cleaning. I actually yelled, “if those floors don’t shine like the top of the Chrysler Building, your backsides will” up stairs to my children. It didn’t work; they all came to the stairs and asked what that really means anyway. I had no good answer. We just laughed.

  3. Hmm… You can keep the football– Board games on the other hand… Yeah, a bit nerdy, but still… Hope you enjoyed your special treats from World Market.

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